This blog began with 16 letters from people from Brindi's world - who know and like her, including her groomer, vet, kennel owner, neighbors with kids, neighbors with dogs, and friends of Brindi's owner. It is growing fast with letters from supporters near and far. See FREE BRINDI for a blog kept by Brindi's best friend, Francesca Rogier. Best friends are forever!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Notes on the blog

I created this blog not as a blog, but as a compendium of letters of support on a webpage that is accessible from my Free Brindi blog. 

The letters from August are from people who know Brindi in various capacities and contexts. The vet, the groomer, the mail carrier, and the kennel owner are people who handle (or in the mail carrier's case, confront) dogs every day. Their letters are especially important. 

I would like to also post letters from others who do not know Brindi personally, but who know the details of the case, and who feel it would be wrong for the city to go through with its plans to put her down. 

I also have copies of letters from many, many kindhearted, understanding people who do not know me or my dog, but, having learned the details of the case, were prompted to write to local authorities, the media, and the Nova Scotia SPCA. A good share of these folks wrote letters more than once! I cannot even say how many letters they sent since the start of this ordeal in July. Some of them were lost in the tumult of a series of computer mess-ups beyond my control (most recently, an entire erase of my laptop). But more keep coming in and others will be recovered soon. In light of this, I thought it might be a good idea to create a special place for them. And in this way, the two kinds of letters will not be confused. 

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