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Friday, August 15, 2008

Experienced dog owner and ARC foster mom

13 Royal Masts Way
Bedford, Nova Scotia
B4A 4B1

July 25, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in response to the seizure of Francesca Rogier’s pet dog, Brindi.

Brindi has been known to me since her rescue. Brindi has been in my home, having spent last Christmas Eve peacefully lying by my feet as my husband and I entertained friends. She was well socialized and well behaved. I have also been in Ms. Rogier’s East Chezzetcook home on several occasions, and other than the normal dog barking as I approached the house, Brindi was calm and accepting of my presence.

Ms. Rogier has spent countless hours in training, socializing, and exercising her dog. In fact, last spring I had offered to look after Brindi for a few days when Ms. Rogier needed to visit her elderly mother. I am aware that Ms. Rogier’s house is under renovations. This is the only heritage home in East Chezzetcook, and as an architect, it became a challenge for Francesca Rogier to repair and restore her new home. As the house is presently blocked up to allow for a concrete basement to be poured, the entrances and exists to the home are difficult, such that taking Brindi out is not as easy as when a pet owner can simple clip the leash on the back deck. The back deck is missing. Most dogs will run to other dogs when they see them on the side of the road at the property line. An instinctive reaction. Since no harm has been done, I fail to see why anyone would order a young, healthy dog to be killed.

Having been a 27 year resident of the Eastern Shore, I know how small rural communities can close ranks against a newcomer. This would not be the first time I have seen this. Many residents allow their dogs to run at large and do not leash them when walking. These dogs are a hazard, however, no one complains because they know the owner and don’t want to upset friends or relatives of the neighbours. Ms. Rogier is a single woman new to the community. She is friendly, intelligent, and thoughtful, yet it can be almost impossible to “break into” a rural community and gain acceptance. I hope that this is not a factor at work in the seizure of Brindi. Can the death of Brindi be halted? What are the necessary steps to take? Please respond to me in writing, giving me adequate time to prepare for any necessary action on the part of Ms. Rogier and myself, as a concerned citizen.

With best regards,

Carol-Anne Hutchinson

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