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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Local business owner and neighbor

[note: Jean Myers, my neighbor and hairdresser, wrote this letter by hand and sent it via regular mail]

August 2, 2008

Dear Lori Scolaro,

I am writing this letter to just give you some encouragement about how I know that Brindi is a sweet dog. Francesca is a neighbor of mine and when she first brought this dog back from Cape Breton, she came to visit me, the dog never jumped on me, never moved, she just sat there, so quietly. She is very well behaved with people and adores her master Francesca. I have never seen a dog like this before. She never, never jumps up on Parker, my husband, or me. I do hair in the community and I let her bring her dog while I am doing Francesca’s hair; the dog just sits, very well behaved. Francesca has had some bad luck with other dogs. All dogs go after other dogs, it's just normal. A lot of people tend to be afraid when a dog attacks another dog. Not too many people know how to handle them, but Francesca is not afraid, which is great. But I know she needs to hold on to her dog. She lives very close to the road and there are a lot of people who have dogs, so Brindi dashes after them, not really meaning to hurt them, the other person tends to be afraid and does not know how to handle the matter, they cause a lot of fear. Everyone overreacts. I just hope you will give Francesca one more chance to take care of Brindi. She said that she would do everything in her power for better care.

Thank you for listening
A neighbor who cares
Jean Myers 839 east Chezzetcook Road
Halifax, NA B0J 1N0

PS Please call if you want to ask any questions!

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