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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Professional groomer

August 13, 2008

To Halifax Region Animal Services:

I am the owner and operator of DOG LUV – Dog Wash, Services & Supplies, located in the Lakeview Shopping Centre in Porters Lake. I have many years of experience as a groomer and dogowner. I am writing to you concerning Brindi, a female Shepherd mix who was recently seized from her owner and slated for euthanization.

Brindi and her owner have frequented the shop on numerous occasions, coming into contact with many dogs and people without incident. I also cared for Brindi during several grooming sessions and looked after her as part of our Doggie Day Care service. She was always easy to handle and a delight to have around.

In the recent incidents leading to her seizure, I understand Brindi’s actions were not severe. Although unwanted, they do not under any circumstance justify euthanizing her. She is a calm, submissive, and obedient dog who was simply acting like a dog at the time of these incidents. Dogs display dominant behaviour due to the nature of their species. They live in a world of hierarchy and domination. It is completely natural for dogs to act in what we have deemed as aggressive behaviour when in fact, this is how dogs simply behave. They are hardwired to communicate with each other this way. However, society’s humanization of dogs unfairly demands that they act like civilized human beings, stripping them of their natural God-given rights.

In my opinion, euthanizing Brindi is an option that should not be considered at all. She is a good dog. The decision to put her down is completely unwarranted. Brindi may be in need of some rehabilitation, but not death. This measure is extreme, and Brindi does not seem like an extreme case to me. In fact, it seems like cruel and unusual treatment on your part.

It is my understanding that Francesca has put up a fence, she has hired a contractor, and her property is under construction at this time. She is has been pro-active in this regard and is taking the utmost measures to ensure that Brindi and she get the training they need, while insuring that her dog remains on her property by means of barriers. For Francesca, who suffers from chronic fatigue and muscle pain, Brindi is her best friend, companion, and support system. Francesca is a wonderful dog owner who cares deeply for her canine. She has also enlisted the aid of professional dog trainer Bob Ottenbrite of Lietash Canine Academy, and Silvia Jay, to help work with Brindi.

Please feel free to contact me. I feel very passionately about this case. We expect dogs to act like citizens, but is this how we treat our citizens? The system seems harsh. Please look at this case with love and compassion.


Katherine Chaisson, Owner
DOG LUV - Dog Wash, Services & Supplies
5228 #7 Highway, Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia B3E 1J8 website:


davis_mia said...

Katherine Chaisson of Dog Luv, you nearly had my business as a new resident in the area right up until I saw you going out of your way to save Brindi. I wonder, Katherine, what do you have to say to the owners of the dogs that have been killed by Brindi? Were they your customers too? You're stepping up to protect a dog KILLER. What do you think that will do to your business? I'll tell you, you're minus one customer so far.

Karen said...

Brindi never killed a dog..Please get the facts right first !