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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wife of East Chezzetcook ballplayer

[August 10, 2008]

Margo Ross
138 Pearson Drive
Chezzetcook, NS

Re: Brindi Rogier

Dear Lori Scolero,

I am writing to you about the case of Brindi Rogier from East Chezzetcook set to be euthanized early in August. I felt it extremely necessary to Fax you my thoughts on this matter. I have known Brindi since last summer. My husband plays ball at the East Chezzetcook Ball Shack close to Brindi’s home. At least a couple of times a week last summer and this summer Francesca would walk Brindi up to visit the ball placers including their families. There was always lots of activity with the game and the kids running around and often other dogs. Brindi Loved it. She was always so gentle with the children and loved coming in the ball shack to receive some affection from us all.

I strongly believe that anyone claiming we need to keep our children (or any other human being) safe from Brindi is either fabricating a story or has been lied to. I know Francesca will see to it that Brindi will never step outside without her muzzle on and any future altercations with other dogs will cease to be.

Brindi has never and I truly believe will never hurt anybody. Please keep her alive.

Thank you

Margo Ross

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