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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Longtime dog owner, knows Brindi since adoption

July 28, 2008

Lori Scolaro, Animal Services Field Operation Supervisor
Andrea Macdonald, Manager of Animal Services an taxi and Limousine Services
Halifax Region Police
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

Dear Ms. Scolero,

Brindi, who belongs to Francesca Rogier, is a good dog. I have known her for an entire year, practically since the day she was adopted. My dog, Ella, is a friend of Brindi’s, and we have been on lots of walks together, with no unpleasant incidents.

I have had dogs for 20 years now. It’s easy to tell that Brindi is smart, loving, and eager to please. She knows and obeys an impressive number of commands. Brindi adores Francesca, and has helped her get through a lot of difficult times. The love that Brindi and Francesca have for each other was evident every time I saw them.

I heard that Brindi has attacked three dogs, but I never witnessed her being aggressive. I understand the incidents were short-lived and the dogs were not seriously hurt. Perhaps something from her past made her feel threatened when she saw a dog walk by her property. In any case, I have spoken with Francesca, and know that she will get special training to change this negative behaviour.

Brindi has never attacked a person and has never caused any real harm to a dog. I request that you let Francesca work with a trainer who will correct the behaviour. Francesca is in the middle of a large housing renovation project, but plans to have an enclosure at the back of the house, so that the dog cannot escape. Please let Brindi go back home where she belongs.

Yours truly,

Margot Overington
a resident of East Chezzetcook

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